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VocALign Project Installation and Authorization


Software Installation

If you have not already done so, download VocALign Project from here and install it on your computer.

Windows OS version:

Run the installer. It will provide all installation instructions.

Mac OS version:

  1. Double click the disk image (.dmg) file that you downloaded, to mount the disk image on the desktop.
  2. Double click the mounted disk image to open it (unless it opens automatically), and drag the VocALign Project (application) to your Applications folder or other preferred destination.

Remember, VocALign Project is a stand alone program, so you will need to start it each time you want to use it.


Trial and Full Licenses

VocALign Project can run in a Trial Mode but it will require an iLok license which you can obtain from the Synchro Arts website. Once you have obtained and installed the Trial license as described below, VocALign Project will run in a fully functional demonstration mode for the number of days shown when you open it.

VocALign Project licenses will authorize both Mac and Windows versions.

If you already have a VocALign Project license installed on an iLok USB Key that is plugged into the computer running VocALign Project, you can skip the rest of this section on authorization.


Software authorization summary

VocALign Project uses the iLok system described on for authorization.

IMPORTANT: Before you can run VocALign Project, you must do the following (if you haven't already done so)

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Go to, download and install the new iLok License Manager on your computer.
  3. Run the iLok License Manager and sign in.
  4. Synchro Arts normally supplies an iLok Activation code in the form:

    (where X's are numbers)

    This is NOT a licence but an Activation Code that you can redeem in the iLok License Manager to obtain your licence.

  5. To redeem an Activation Code:
    • Open the 'Redeem Activation Code' window in the iLok License Manager.
      Redeem Activation Code
    • Enter your Activation Code as instructed.
      Enter Activation Code
    • If the code is recognized, you will get a VocALign Project License in the iLok Manager
  6. Drag the License to your Machine or iLok USB Key.
    Drag License

Optional - iLok USB Key

How to authorize your VocALign Project software with your iLok Key

iLok Keys can hold licenses for a number of protected software products. You can have licenses from Synchro Arts and other software vendors on the same iLok.

If you followed the above procedures correctly, and the iLok Key with the relevant license is inserted in the computer running VocALign Project, it should run in an authorized mode by simply launching VocALign Project.

Reauthorizing VocALign Project if iLok is removed

If you subsequently try to run VocALign Project without the iLok inserted into your computer you will receive a warning message. Follow the instructions in the warning to reauthorize the software.

WARNING: Do not remove the iLok from your computer while you are using VocALign Project. If the iLok is removed VocALign Project will allow you to save your session and then close.

iLok Support

For further information on iLok, go to

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