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When working with Logic Pro X, in order to avoid latency and unwanted artifacts,
it is best not to insert VocALign Project or VocALign Pro before or after other effects in your channel signal path.

  • Inserting other effects before VocALign Project or VocALign Pro can cause latency.
  • Inserting other effects after VocALign Project or VocALign Pro in your channel signal path can introduce artifacts in your audio. 

To obtain the best alignment results, always try different VocALign settings:

... and click the Process button to execute the alignment process again, applying your new chosen setting:

And what do the different settings exactly do?
The table below describes the main characteristics of each setting:

And what about the additional settings available in VocALign PRO?
VocALign Pro 4 offers two methods of editing the Dub audio.
The differences are highlighted in this table:

For more useful suggestions to improve your alignment results, do please also read this FAQ article.

If you are still having difficulties, please email support@synchroarts.com for further assistance.