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You may see the following error when trying to start Revoice Pro.

This error can occur if the current user’s temporary directory (i.e. 'UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocal') is either full, inaccessible or hampered in any way.
To empty a system's TEMP location, try using Windows' Disk Cleanup tool. The tool operates differently for each version of Windows so an internet search on how to access and operate it would be advised. When using Disk Cleanup, the "Temporary files" checkbox should be enabled to delete files from the system's TEMP location.
If the system's TEMP location is inaccessible, the user may need to take ownership of the directory to gain full access. To do that:
1) On the keyboard, press the Windows key + R keys together
2) In the Run window, type "%temp%" and then click OK
3) When the default Temp folder opens, go up one folder location (press Alt + Up Arrow)
4) Right-click the TEMP folder and select Properties from the pop-up menu
5) In the Properties window, click the ‘Security’ tab
6) You will see a list of user names in this window, select username currently being used and click on the "Edit" button
7) In the new window, click on the same username to check the permissions for that account. Make sure that the check box against ‘Full control’ is set as ‘Allow’
8) If the check boxes are greyed out, then click on ‘cancel’ to close the Window
9) In the Security tab, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab at the bottom.
10) In the Advanced Security Settings window, check the username against 'username’ in the top left
11) If the currently being used username is not displayed as the Owner, click on ‘Change’ option next to the ‘Owner’ field
12) Type the currently being used username in the box provided and click ‘Check names’ and then click ‘OK’ to save changes.
13) 'OK' and close any remaining open windows
14) Reboot the system and then try running Revoice Pro 3 again
If the issue persists after following the above suggestions and steps, please contact support@synchroarts.com.