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Revoice Pro 4 users now have the freedom to ‘ditch the dongle’ and take advantage of the flexible new cloud based licensing from iLok. This means Revoice Pro users at home, in the studio or on the move can choose to use their software anywhere with an internet connection.

The iLok cloud allows you to save your iLok licenses in the cloud, then use the license without having an iLok USB key.

When you want to use your product, you can activate a Cloud Session from your computer. 

To open a Cloud Session, open the iLok License Manager, log onto your iLok account and select:

File -> Open Cloud Session

Any other existing Cloud Session open from another computer attached to your iLok account will be closed, and a new Cloud Session will be opened from your current computer.

An iLok account can only have one open iLok Cloud Session.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet while you use the Cloud license.

If your license is installed on an iLok USB key, you must move the license off the key and back into your account before it can be used in a Cloud Session.

Revoice Pro 4 supports iLok Cloud licensing.