RePitch 1.4 Standard User Guide Publication2

What is RePitch


RePitch Videos and PDF Manual

    Introduction to RePitch

    RePitch is a new Synchro Arts plugin that can automatically correct pitch or allow the user to modify the detailed pitch, timing, level and formants of a single-pitched audio signal input in most popular DAWs.

    Using our new, unique SynchroLink technology, RePitch can also seamlessly provide the Guide tracks to VocAlign Ultra, automatically transferring the Guide's timing and/or pitch characteristics to one or more other audio signals.


    Main Applications

    RePitch can be used for many corrective and creative purposes, including:

    In music production:

    • Tuning lead or backing vocals and instrumental parts
    • Modifying the vocal creatively in terms of pitch and/or timing
    • Creating harmonies

    In post production:

    • Changing the pitch, inflection or timing of dialogue tracks
    • Changing the vocal timbre or even perceived gender of an actor’s performance

    Creating guide tracks for VocAlign Ultra:

    • RePitch can create guide tracks for VocAlign, allowing the two plugins to be used in tandem.

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