Revoice Pro 5.1 Manual Publication
Getting started

Revoice Pro 4.3 Help

If you're new to Revoice Pro, we recommend checking out the video below. If you prefer, we've placed a few useful links below the video.

If you're new to Revoice Pro

Welcome to Revoice Pro introduces the features and purposes of the application.

Visit our quick online introductions to using Revoice Pro with supported DAWs.

Introduction gives an overview of the major topics covered in this user guide.

Quick Start will explain in very basic terms how you can begin using Revoice Pro, with links to relevant topics.

Workflows needs to be looked at, to determine the best way to get audio in and out of Revoice Pro, in your working situation.

Processes will explain Revoice Pro's powerful automatic time, pitch and level alignment algorithms, and how to use them

Getting started with specific DAWs

The links below will take you to DAW-specific introductions and resources on the Synchro Arts website.

Ableton Live

Adobe Audition CC



Cubase Elements

Cubase LE

Digital Performer

Final Cut Pro

FL Studio

Logic Pro

Logic Pro X


Pro Tools






Sony Vegas

Studio One Professional

If you do not see your DAW / Editor listed here, you might find it is compatible using audio import and export methods described for other DAWs in videos and User Manuals. If you do find methods that work with unlisted DAWs, please let us know by contacting us here.