In Logic Pro choose Selection-Based Processing from the Functions menu.

A list of "A" and "B" plug-ins applied to the selection is shown. Hold down the selector below the "A" heading and select Revoice Pro Link from the list of plug-ins shown.

Select the Guide and Dub track regions that you want to process in Logic Pro, by clicking on the Guide region, then shift-clicking on the Dub region. (You can also select the regions before choosing Selection-Based Processing, the main point being that regions must be selected before applying the processing.)

Click Apply at the bottom right of the Selection-Based Processing control panel.

To avoid creating a copy of the original regions in Logic, Undo Selection Based Processing from the Logic Pro Edit menu.

In Revoice Pro, the two captured regions should now be sitting on top of each other in one track. (This capture process auto-trims silence from the end of the captured audio.)

Drag the Dub region down onto a spare Revoice track.

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