The AudioSuite/AAX Link plug-in can instantly transfer a single processed audio region at a time from RVP to the correct timecode in a designated PT track. This is an extremely quick method for transferring processed regions individually.

If you have captured audio from PT to RVP using a Preset and one of the automatic process creation modes (APT/Double/Warp), and not subsequently done anything to change selected audio in RVP, the processed output will be automatically selected in RVP and you can render the result directly back to PT.

Otherwise, you may need to make sure that the desired processed output is selected in RVP before rendering it back to PT.

Use one of the methods described below before pressing Render Aligned in the plug-in window, upon which the selected processed audio will be sent back to PT.

  • Do nothing if you want the processed audio to return to PT into the track and position of any audio that is still selected in PT.
  • Use the plug-in's track selection to select another track (Audio 3 is shown below in this example). You must have a time period or clip selected/highlighted in Pro Tools, but it doesn't seem to matter what, as the audio will be rendered to the track selected in the plug-in window, and in sync with the original content).

  • If “no track selected” is displayed in the plug-in header, instead of a track, manually select an area in any Pro Tools track. The audio will be rendered to that track, but in sync with the original content.

"Use in Playlist" must be turned on (blue) if processed audio from RVP is to be successfully rendered back to Pro Tools and appear in the session playlist (as opposed to the list of available clips).

Press Render Aligned. The processed audio will be sent to the Pro Tools track selected.

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