Loading audio

Before applying a Process you will need to load audio tracks into Revoice Pro, following one of the methods described in Workflows. There are options for importing audio files directly, and various methods that work quickly and easily with specific DAWs.

You will also need to have set up Revoice Pro's audio monitoring. This will enable you to hear the Revoice Pro outputs.

This section assumes that suitable signals are already loaded in Revoice Pro and that the input waveform is selected (i.e. green) following being loaded.

  • To cut down keystrokes when using Revoice Pro, we generally recommend the user loads entire tracks of audio into Revoice Pro and then processes these in sections, working from the start towards the end. This generally works very effectively.

  • That isn't to say that the user shouldn't load audio in small sections if they prefer, or use Warp to process an entire input track. These choices depend on the signals and the user's comfort with their own workflow.

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