If the pitch trace of a signal is not visible or partly visible, LEFT CLICK that track's Display's Scaling Selector and select Pitch as shown top right in image below. (A small part of the pitch trace can be seen at the top of the track.)


LEFT CLICK the gray Pitch Scale Offset control (shown below selected by the mouse cursor) and move it up or down (or use the mouse wheel when the cursor is hovering in the track display) to bring the pitch trace into view. If the SHIFT key is held down at the same time, the same offset will be applied to all the tracks). This action does not change the pitch of the signal, it only slides the range of pitches displayed in the window.

As shown in example above - the pitch trace can now be seen in the Guide track window. In this example, the pitch information hasn't been completely recognised, so there is information missing in the middle of the trace. One way of dealing with this is to alter the pitch range of the APT Process. (You can do a similar thing with Warp Process controls.)

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