It is possible to generate multiple APT Processes from one Guide and a number of related Dub tracks. This is an efficient means of creating stacks of vocals or instruments.

When creating multiple APT processes there is one Guide track whose features will be transferred to multiple Dub track inputs that have been loaded along with the Guide. Each Dub processed creates its own output.

Multiple APT processes can be created either automatically (using the Number of Processes function in the New Process window) or manually (by applying new APT processes one by one).

Possible applications:

  • Instantly tighten the timing and/or pitch of two, three or more recorded versions of a lead vocal ("stacked vocals") to the best "guide" lead vocal (which could be a different singer).

  • Instantly create stacks of time-aligned harmony tracks (to one Guide Harmony for pitch and/or time or to the lead vocal for timing only.

Process Groups link the settings of multiple APT processes, so that changes in one affect all the others in the same group.

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