As shown in the example above, generally, because each signal or sections of a signal can act as an input to an unlimited number of processes, Process Control Blocks can overlap each other and sometimes become hidden.

When this occurs, the user can select and display a "hidden" Process Control Block in one of two ways:

  1. LEFT CLICKing a processes' Output signal waveform will also select and reveal that processes' Input Process Control Block(s) (Guide and Dub for APT or single Input for other processes).

  2. RIGHT CLICKing a Process Control Track (in this example, the The Syncettes - High Vox) will pop-up a window that displays all the processes that are positioned where the user clicked. Selecting its name from the list will "pop it to the top of the stack" of processes, making it visible on the screen, and show it as selected. In the example shown right, 2 APTs and 1 Doubler use the Guide section shown and the second APT "...Mid Vox-Guide" has been selected and is shown selected in the Process Control Track i.e. at the top of the "stack".


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