This User Guide is structured under a number of major topics that explain the principal features and operations of Revoice Pro.


Information to get you started, together with a Quick Start overview. This section explains the different ways you can get help using Revoice Pro, explains some conventions used in this Guide, and tells you how to contact us for support or anything else.

Audio setup, monitoring and playback

How to set up the audio monitoring, play audio, set up rendering options and deal with mutes and solos. Also Playback Ranges.

Sessions, tracks and files

An introduction to Revoice Pro's Session window, menus, track operations, templates and file locations.


How to get audio into and out of Revoice Pro, either stand-alone, or in conjunction with various DAWs.


How to use Revoice Pro's powerful automatic processes for manipulating audio signals' time, pitch and loudness.

Manually adjust timing, pitch and level

How to do detailed manual edits of time, pitch and loudness.

Keyboard shortcuts and operations summary

How to use and customise keyboard shortcuts

Topics in this section:

Getting help

What's New?

Software installation

Software authorization

Quick Start


Contact and support information

Trademarks and notices

Control devices