This section lists groups of all available Quick Keys, also known as Keyboard Shortcuts, and other main input device (described below as "mouse") commands.

Some commands will be different for the Mac and Windows operating system in which case both will be shown.

This manual lists the default behaviour of the keyboard shortcuts when the Revoice Pro 3 Shortcut set is selected.

Terminology and symbols

  1. Keyboard letters are shown in the charts in this section as Upper Case (capital letters) to match what is shown on a keyboard. However, these key commands must be entered as lower case (not capital letters).
    i.e. the SHIFT KEY should never be pressed in a command unless it is explicitly indicated.
  2. For the Mac OS, in the charts below:



3. The definition of a "Swipe" operation in a few descriptions below depends on the input device used (e.g. mouse, track ball, track pad, magic mouse, etc.). For example, a typical mouse "swipe" = Shift with scroll wheel.

Topics in this section:

Customising keyboard shortcuts

Screen Display and Position Controls

Play, Process and Mixer Controls

APT and Doubler Track Solo Enable Keys

Track Controls

Editing Tool Selector

Operations on Output Pitch, Time, Level values

File Menu Commands

Edit Menu Commands

Tracks Menu Commands

Revoice Pro Menu Commands