Input file formats: .WAV (normal and BWF) and .AIFF. (AIFF does not contain timecode stamps)

AIFC is supported on Mac OSX for 32-bit floating point exports from Logic (from version 3.3)

Output format: .WAV (BWF with timecode stamps)

Sample rates: from 44.1 to 192 kHz

16 to 32 bit audio samples

Multi-channel audio files: with up to 8 channels are supported in some cases

You cannot use waveforms with different bit depths and/or different sampling rates in the same Revoice Pro Session. Each Revoice Pro Session's Sampling Rate and Resolution (Bit Length) are set and fixed automatically to the settings of the first audio signal imported into the session. After that, Revoice Pro will offer to resample any non-matching audio file that is imported, to match that Session's Sampling Rate and Resolution.


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