With Selection-Based Processing, a Revoice Pro plug-in is applied directly to a region or regions in Logic, rather than via a channel-strip insert, enabling specific audio regions to be captured quickly. This is simply used to capture audio from Logic into Revoice Pro. To get the processed audio back in to Logic it's necessary to use the drag and drop method

Normally, with Selection-Based Processing, the plug-in processing is applied to a copy of the region concerned, so that the original is still available, but in the steps described in this section we show how you can capture the audio without creating a copy of the region. (See https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT207467 for further details of how it works.)

Bar Beat Position

If you are using the Bar Position plays at SMPTE setting in Logic's File > Project Settings > Synchronisation options you need to set the same offset value in Revoice Pro's settings panel before exporting any audio from Logic.

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