Revoice Pro Link plug-ins offer an alternative and somewhat more generic method to transfer audio to and from DAWs. In some cases they may be slower than the DAW-specific or stand-alone methods, but they may be better able to deal with the audio from more complex sessions.

There are three versions:

  • Audio Suite/AAX – for Pro Tools only
    (AAX for Pro Tools 11 and above, Audio Suite for Pro Tools 10 and below). This is the only Link plug-in version that can currently transfer audio back from Revoice Pro to a DAW (Pro Tools).

  • AU - for Logic Pro (Mac) and other AU-compatible applications.

  • VST3 - for Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, and other VST3-compatible applications.

Operation of the Link plug-ins with other DAWs using the above plug-in interfaces is often possible, but depends on the full specification of the plug-in interface being implemented by the DAW manufacture.

Revoice Pro Link Switch

Revoice Pro Link SwitchTo transfer audio using any of the Link Plug-ins to Revoice Pro, the Revoice Pro Link Switch must be ON (green as shown left) in the destination Revoice Pro Session window.

Otherwise, the Link plug-ins will display an error message.

Only one Revoice Pro Session can have this switch ON at a time.

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