A VST Link plug-in can be inserted into each track, and there is no limit to how many Link plug-ins can be inserted in the DAW. This means one or more tracks can be transferred at the same time, which can greatly speed up your workflow.

Because of the way VST3 plug-ins work, this transfer operates like a "real-time" bounce to disk and therefore will take as long as the selected audio plays. This might be efficient, if transferring several tracks to Revoice Pro at the same time. An alternative to consider (particularly with longer files) is using a faster-than-real-time export or "bounce" of audio files containing the desired tracks, and then dragging these files into Revoice Pro.

Revoice Pro Link Switch

Revoice Pro Link SwitchTo transfer audio using any of the Link Plug-ins to Revoice Pro, the Revoice Pro Link Switch must be ON (green as shown left) in the destination Revoice Pro Session window.

Otherwise, the Link plug-ins will display an error message.

Only one Revoice Pro Session can have this switch ON at a time.

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