With the Pro Tools "Quick" plug-ins, a Revoice Pro process is created automatically after the audio has been captured from Pro Tools.

You can optionally ignore, inspect, or audition the processing that has taken place in the Revoice Pro session. However, nothing further has to be done in the Revoice Pro window.

Detailed aspects of the various RVP Processes are described in Processes.

If you do need to change the detailed processing settings, you can open the Process Control Panel (APT or Doubler) by selecting the Revoice Pro window and, with the Process Control Blocks selected, press P to open the Process Control Panel. Then change the settings and press the Space Bar to re-process and audition the audio. If it is OK, you can optionally save the new settings as a Preset for the next process or simply go to the next step.

You can also change the RVP Preset, either in the Process Control Panel, or using the drop-down menu in the Pro Tools plug-in window. The processing will change accordingly, but the processed audio will need to be rendered again to Pro Tools, as described in the next step.

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