Revoice Pro is a stand-alone program. You can either use it in a stand-alone fashion (importing and exporting audio files), or in one of a number of customised modes with a DAW.

In all cases the workflow steps are:

  • Import or transfer audio to Revoice Pro
  • Process the audio in Revoice Pro and check it
  • Export or transfer the audio from Revoice Pro

First look to see if there is an online guide related to your DAW.

Otherwise look in the DAW-specific methods section of this manual, use a Revoice Pro Link Plug-in or use one of the stand-alone options.

Here is a Summary of transfer methods that might be employed.

You can do basic editing of audio waveforms within Revoice Pro if necessary.

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Topics in this section:

Summary of transfer methods

Bouncing audio from DAWs

Editing signal waveforms

Audio format requirements

DAW-specific methods
Revoice Pro Link plug-ins

Stand-alone operation

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