The Settings window has various options for adjusting the way in which timing and DAW import works within a particular Revoice Pro session.

Select View > Settings from the menus at the top of the screen. This will display the Settings window.

Audio Sample Rate is fixed automatically. The Revoice Pro Session's Sampling Rate is set and fixed automatically to the settings of the first audio signal imported into the session. After that, Revoice Pro will offer to resample any non-matching audio file that is imported, to match that Session's Sampling Rate.

Timecode Rate sets the frame rate of any timecode display or synchronisation options.

DAW Time Offset can be used to set the start time relationship between audio from a DAW session or MIDI file import and Revoice Pro's assumed time. Depending on the DAW in question and any associated Revoice Pro plug-in, this will usually be used to establish the correct offset between the session start time in the DAW and that in Revoice Pro. This is in order that material displays and replays at the correct time when copied between DAW and RP, and so that playback synchronizes correctly. SMPTE Time and Real Time are essentially the same time value displayed differently.

Bar Beat Position can be used to match the Bat Beat Position set in Logic Pro X projects.

Beats Per Minute controls the assumed tempo of the bars and beats display.

Copy & Paste DAW selects, in situations that support it, which DAW is to be used for copy and paste operations.

Bar & Beats Display selects whether this is according to a fixed time signature and tempo, or uses an imported tempo map

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