Average pitch of notes

The average pitch for each detected note is shown with a horizontal blue line. (If you are looking at the output of an APT process, this is only relevant when using Music mode, and not when using Dialog mode.)

Changing pitch-averaging region of a note

You can alter the part of each note that is used to calculate the average pitch of each note. 

Click on the note to select it and use the blue handles at either end to change the start and end of the average pitch calculation.


can be changed to...

The function can be particularly useful if a note, or group of joined notes, has a large pitch deviation somewhere during its length that is skewing the average pitch calculation strongly.

Changing pitch-averaging region of a group of joined notes

In this example three adjacent notes are identified in a melody. The middle note represents a substantial momentary pitch swing:

We can select the three notes as a group (by dragging a marquee across them):

And then join the notes by pressing J. We can then adjust the length of the blue pitch average line for the entire group so that it is based on the first part only, and doesn't include the deviation in its calculation. This average can then be used as the basis for e.g. pitch correction.

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