The Pro Tools "Quick" AudioSuite plug-ins can be used to apply a single Revoice Pro (RVP) process (APT or Doubler) to selected audio, and return the processed result to Pro Tools (PT). 

When using these plug-ins, a temporary Session is created in Revoice Pro named >Quick APT/Doubler<. This session can only contain one process and one piece of audio in each track. When you add new audio to a track, the previous audio is removed. In many cases, because the actions taking place in the Revoice Pro program are totally automated, using the preset selected in the plug-in window, the Revoice Pro window can actually be ignored. 

Once audio is captured, you have the option to modify any of Revoice Pro's settings to change or improve the results, but you must render the result again using the quick plug-in button in order to return the audio to Pro Tools. The temporary Revoice Pro session will lose any changes once new audio is captured or the temporary session is closed, except for changes saved to the User Presets.

Pro Tools setup

Check the Pro Tools session setup before using the plug-in, using the same principles as described in the AudioSuite/AAX Link plug-in section.

Opening the Quick plug-in

Select Revoice Pro Quick APT (or Doubler) from the PT Audio Suite>Other plug-in menu, shown right.

Once selected, you will see the Revoice Pro Link plug-in control window (below). At the top are the standard plug-in controls. (Detailed information about header controls is available in the PT Help system.)

"Use in Playlist" must be turned on (blue) if processed audio from RVP is to be successfully rendered back to Pro Tools and appear in the session playlist (as opposed to the list of available clips).

Opening and showing Revoice Pro

There is a button in the plug-in window that enables you to Start RVP if it is not already open, or to Show RVP if it is open and you want to reveal its session window:

Basic steps

The following simple approach will work in many cases (APT example). More detailed instructions are given in the next sections.

With the Quick APT Plug-in window open in Pro Tools:

  1. Select a suitable RVP preset from the drop-down menu in the plug-in window.
  2. Select the Guide Audio in Pro Tools and press Capture Guide.
  3. Select the Dub Audio in Pro Tools and press Capture Dub.
  4. Return the RVP-processed audio to Pro Tools by pressing Render Aligned.

(Depending on the current Pro Tools track and region selection, the audio can replace the selected Dub audio or be placed into a separate track, in which case an appropriate region needs to be selected. RVP, though, will always attempt to render the aligned audio in appropriate sync with the original material.)

Topics in this section:

Capturing audio

Apply a Process

Transfer the audio back to Pro Tools


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