A playback control section is at the bottom of the Revoice PRO window.

From left to right:

  • The green link symbol controls whether or not audio can be transferred from a DAW using one of the Link Plug-Ins.
  • The "Start" and "End" displays show the displayed Revoice Pro Session's start and end times.

Rewind ControlRewind control, if ON will make a stopped playback return to start again from where the playback was last started.

Loop ControlLoop control ON works with a Playback Range set. It will allow the playback to loop within the current Playback Range.

  • The time position of the Playhead can be shown in Time, Samples, Timecode, or Bars & Beats in the large display window. The display format is controlled by the dropdown selection switch to the right of the time display. The time position can be manually edited from version 3.2, with the play head moving to the entered position.

  • The Scroll Control Drop down offers No Scroll, Page Scroll, or Continuous Scroll of the Window relative to the Playhead during playback.

  • The Master Volume control adjusts the audition level of the mixed tracks output, or the Tuning Preview audition level, selected by means of the drop-down.

If a Playback Range has been created the behaviour of these playback features might be modified and the playback will generally stay within the defined Playback Range).

Positioning playback start

Double clicking in any waveform window will position the “Playhead” (the vertical white line that spans all the tracks) at the time position of the cursor.

When the Scroll control (see below) is in Continuous Scroll mode, when you Double click the cursor to position the Playhead to the right of the centre of Revoice Pro's window, it will place the cursor where you double click, and then immediately move that time position to the centre of the Revoice Pro window.

A useful way to go to the start or end of blocks of audio is to press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys. This will step the playhead backward and forward (respectively) through time-related "events" in the tracks.

Playing audio

Pressing the keyboard SPACE BAR will toggle between starting and stopping audio playback from all playback-enabled tracks.

If any process requires rendering first, that will be done automatically (as long as the "Auto render before playing" or background processing Preference is active).

Changes to enabled tracks can be made at any time, even while playing, using any of the above methods.

Following DAW playback

If your DAW is playing, and "Follow DAW" is checked in Preferences, Revoice Pro follows the DAW playback position, but the DAW does not follow Revoice playback.


Centring the mouse cursor anywhere over the Playback Position Indicator will change the cursor to a Scrub Cursor (double yellow arrows). To scrub the playback - hold down the LEFT mouse button and move the mouse left and right (or use equivalent actions on other input devices).

With other devices, instead of using the scrub cursor, you can scrub by pressing the ALT key and "swiping" (moving your finger) left and right on the surface of an Apple Magic Mouse or on a trackpad, using ALT plus moving two fingers left and right.

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