If background processing is turned on, the output audio will already have been rendered and pressing the Space Bar will start playback of audio, and you can skip the next paragraph. 

If a red line still shows above the output track), the APT process needs to be rendered before it can be played. Consult the rendering and background processing preferences for details of the other options for rendering processed audio. Then just press the Space Bar on the keyboard. This will start playback through the soloed tracks. 

You can save time by soloing the output track(s) you will want to hear first.

  • To solo the Output (in Track 2 -"Output 1") on its own - press the A Key.
  • To solo both the Output signal and the Input (in Track 1) - press the E key.
  • To solo the Input signal (In Track 1) on its own, press the G key.

Normally, the doubler output should ALWAYS be played with the input to hear the effect correctly.

(These and other process dependent track solo keys can also be pressed while playing audio.)  

Quite often, the above steps will provide a satisfactory result with little or no further effort, apart from transferring the output audio to your DAW or a file.

You can alternatively use a Playback Range to highlight time periods of the audio to be Doubled, rather than relying on automatically selected audio.


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