Quick start overview

The following is a very basic guide to the steps needed to get started with Revoice Pro. Step-by-step guides are included in each of the linked sections.

The first port of call should be our quick online introductions to using Revoice Pro with supported DAWs.

  • Revoice Pro is a stand-alone program started by double-clicking on its program icon.
    • Revoice Pro will first open showing an empty three-track Session.
  • Process the audio by creating and running one of Revoice Pro's Processes.
    • Right click in the Process Control Track of an audio track that will form the basis for the Process, or press B on your keyboard if your audio is already selected
    • Select a New APT/Doubler/Warp/etc either from the contextual menu or the New Process window, depending on the process you want to apply        
    • Check/set the input/output tracks of the Process and whether or not multiple processes will be applied, using the New Process window
    • Create the New Process, by pressing New Process in the Process Control Panel, or N on your keyboard, which will generate the processed audio block in the selected output track(s)

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