H and V locks OffAs long as the horizontal (time) and vertical (pitch) locks in the upper right hand corner are unlocked (as shown right), then

  • Pitch Blocks can have both vertical movements, i.e. up and down in pitch, and horizontal movements, i.e. forward or backward in time as well as shortening or lengthening blocks (and the corresponding part of the output waveform) in time.

  • Unpitched Blocks can generally only have horizontal (i.e. right and left in time or modification of duration) movements, since they have no pitch.

H V Locks ONTurning one or both Locks ON (red) as shown right, will prohibit the horizontal and/or vertical editing respectively along the whole track.

These locks can also be toggled using the Keyboard Quick-keys:

H key for horizontal (time) and V key for vertical (measurement values).

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