Session Templates

If you find you repeatedly use the same track layouts in Revoice Pro Sessions, you can create an empty Session, insert and name the required tracks and then save the Session with a descriptive name such as "Lead with 2Harm and doubles" before loading any audio to serve as a "Template". Then, for future Sessions, you can open the Template Session, populate it with audio, and save it with a different name so you can use the empty Template again.

This saved Session will also contain any existing Track Control settings, including pan, solo, mute and volume controls.

Default Session

If you are constantly creating Sessions with the same specific track names and track arrangements that remain roughly the same from Session to Session, you can save a great deal of time by creating a Default Session (without audio) that will open every time you use the File menu New command.

This session will contain not only the Track information, but Session information including timecode offsets.

To create a Default Session, we recommend the following steps:

  1. When you have a Session with Track names, orders of Tracks, pan, solo and volume controls that you want to reuse, if it contains audio, you can first remove all the audio and processes by using the Clear Tracks command in the Tracks menu.

  1. When the Tracks are cleared, then use the command Save as Default Session in the Revoice Pro File menu.

To delete the Default Session template, use Clear Default Session in the File menu.

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