Revoice Pro is a revolutionary and unique audio processing program for manipulating audio signals' time, pitch and loudness.

It is designed to work primarily with voice and monophonic instruments but may be tried creatively to work with other types of audio signals.

It provides several unique processes.

  • Audio Performance Transfer (APT)
    Automatically, gives a target audio signal (Dub) the selected timing, pitch and/or loudness characteristics of a "Guide" audio signal.
    APT is powered by the most advanced version of VocALign.
  • Realistic Doubler
    Instantly creates natural-sounding double tracks from one input signal. It can also provide creative time and pitch modulation effects.
  • Warp
    Provides fast and easy-to-use manual and automatic tools to change the time and pitch of voice and monophonic instrument recordings with unmatchable quality and transparency.

What is Revoice Pro used for?

Revoice Pro is designed to reduce hours of tedious manual editing of audio signals' timing, pitch, vibrato or loudness and create extremely high-quality results in a fraction of the normal time.

Applications include:

  • Automatically creating "tight" double (or multiple) tracks from multiple takes
  • Modifying the inflection of spoken phrases from one actor's takes to match another take or even a different actor
  • Creating one or more realistic double tracks from a single input track
  • Tightening the time and pitch of " stacks" of lead and harmony parts in a fraction of the time previously required

Stand-alone, not a plug in!

Revoice Pro has been deliberately developed as a program and not a plug-in, because there are significant speed and operational advantages over the restrictions of plug-in environments. These advantages include providing:

  • The ability to implement multi-input processes.
  • A novel and effective “region-based processing" approach to audio processing in which inputs to processing modules are inserted where required along the timeline in Process Control Tracks.
  • A simple, intuitive control of an “process-based preview” system for rapidly auditioning combinations of input and output signals and quality checking modifications.
  • Multiple processes with different parameters can use the same tracks for inputs and/or outputs.
  • Processes for audio signal manipulation can be more powerful and more controllable.
  • A consistent working environment inside Revoice Pro for audio from any DAW.


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