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User Guide Information v3.3

Welcome to the VocALign Project (Standalone) User Guide. We hope you will find it helpful.

This section explains the technical specifications, main differences from previous versions, some conventions used in this Guide, and tells you how to contact us for support or anything else.

In this manual, ‘VocALign Project 3 Stand-Alone’ will be referred to simply as ‘VocALign Project’ or simply ‘VocALign’.


Technical specifications

System requirements: MacOS X 10.6 and higher, or Windows 7 and later

Supported file formats:

This version of VocALign Project 3 does not support Digidesign Pro Tools. If you require support for Pro Tools 7 or later you need to use VocALign Project 3 for Pro Tools (Audio Suite) or VocALign Pro 4 for Pro Tools (Audio Suite).

This version of VocALign Project 3 is compatible with any version of MOTU® Digital Performer that runs under Mac OS 10.6 and above.


Main differences from previous versions  

There are some important differences in features and operation between this version of VocALign Project 3 and its predecessor stand-alone versions. In summary:


Contact and Support Information

Synchro Arts Limited
Tel: +44 1372 811934
UK Tel: 01372 811934



13 Links Road
Epsom, Surrey
KT17 3PP
United Kingdom




Trademarks and Notices

VocALign is a registered trademark of Synchro Arts Limited.
Pro Tools is a registered trademark of Avid Technology, Inc.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
The VocALign algorithm is developed and sold under license from Wordfit Limited.


      Special thanks goes to our beta testers for their help and support.

      Thanks to Steve Cooke for providing the English voices in the demonstration audio.


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