VocAlign Ultra User Guide 1.0.9b

About this User Guide

How to Use This User Guide

This User Guide is set out to help you learn:

  • How to Install and Uninstall the plug-in package
  • What is in the installed VocAlign Ultra package?
  • Which of the Plug-in Versions you can use with your DAW(s)
  • How to use each Plug-in Version with your DAW (via Quick Start Guides)
  • How to use VocAlign Ultra in depth
  • Some Tips and Tricks for getting the best results

User Guide Structure

  1. The User Guide Contents (on the left) provides links to the major Topics mainly described above. 
  2. After explaining installation and authorisation, you will need to find out which Plug-in Version appears in your DAW.
  3. Then you can use the Quick Start Guides to follow the basic steps to use your chosen version with your DAW.
  4. If your DAW is not listed, but supports VST3 or AU, then you can use one of the DAW guides most similar to yours.

Other ways to get help

Latest Information, Audio Examples, Tips and Tricks

Click this Link at the top of the page


to get the latest information plus a growing collection of sample audio, demos and tips and tricks for using VocAlign Ultra with different DAWs on the Synchro Arts website.


Tutorial videos

On-line videos are being created and updated to help users quickly understand the general and detailed operation of VocAlign Ultra.

Some helpful videos have direct links from this manual.

Also, click here to go to the Synchro Arts Videos filtered for VocAlign Ultra to see numerous explanations of how to use the application in a variety of creative situations.

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