VocAlign Ultra User Guide 1.0.9b

Quick Start Guides for DAWs

About these Quick Start Guides

Plug-in Types

These Guides are specific to the types of plug-in(s) each DAW uses. Click the link to go to the referenced Guide.

For AAX (Audio Suite) - Pro Tools only

For AU (Audio Units) - Logic Pro 10 and others

For VST3 - Cubase, Studio One, Live, Reaper, Nuendo, Cakewalk and others

Contents of Quick Start Guides 

Each Guide links to a specific Audio Project/Session you can download for many DAWs, and then work through a few examples to help you learn the basics of VocAlign Ultra.

Further Detail

You may have already noticed that these Quick Start Guides are contained in the main VocAlign Ultra User Guide, which you can explore using the Table of Contents on the left.