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VocALign Project 5
VocALign Ultra
Revoice Pro 4
Automatic time alignment Third

VocALign and Revoice Pro use the very latest alignment code which is the result of 15 years R&D, this algorithm can align long signals, it can align when there is extra content in the guide or dub tracks and allows the user to control the tightness of the alignment.


SmartAlign is our new technology which uses the presence of audio in your Dub track, instead of the guide, to decide when to match the corresponding sections of your Guide to your Dubs. This can be a huge timesaver as you can work with whole vocal arrangements and SmartAlign will calculate which section of the guide track your dubs should be aligned with, no tedious manual pre-editing needed!

ARA2 Integration with Compatible DAWs

ARA or Audio Random Access is a revolutionary audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between ARA-enabled plug-ins and DAWs. The huge time-saving benefit for VocAlign users is that real-time audio capture is no longer necessary as audio files can be instantly captured, updated and returned to your DAW.

Adjustable Tightness Control
You can set the amount of timing which is transferred from the guide to the dub signal - this prevents the signals becoming too tight. This is useful if you want to correct a second performance but still have it audible as a separate part of the mix.
Automatic Pitch Alignment -

VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro can transfer the Pitch, Vibrato, Inflection from one performance to another, Revoice Pro can also transfer loudness too.

Formant Shifting -

The harmonic frequencies which naturally occur in the human voice are referred to as Formants. VocAlign Ultra can shift the formants of your performance to change its timbre without affecting the pitch. A very useful creative tool.

Protected Regions -
Allows you to mark areas in the dub signal which should not be modified by the automatic time alignment.
Sync points -
Allows you to specify points in the guide and dub signals that should be synchronized. This can help fix alignment issues.
Align using pitch profile
Can align signals using pitch information. This allows signals that have a little variation in energy but vary in pitch to be aligned.
Alignment Presets
Not sure which alignment settings to use? That’s no problem, browse our carefully designed and well labelled presets covering all the most common alignment scenarios, just make your choice and start aligning. You can also tweak and create your own presets which can be saved to use again in the future.
Process Groups - -
Unique to Revoice Pro 4, Process Groups allow multiple processes to be grouped together so all parameters can be adjusted via a single panel. If you're working with mutiple vocal layers, this can be a huge timesaver as any changes you make will be instantly applied to all the output tracks in your session.
Warp Points - -
Allows you to adjust the timing of the aligned signal.
Transient Protection - -
Revoice Pro detects transients in the signals and avoids modifying the signal at the transient.
Natural-sounding audio Doubler - -
If you need a single performance to sound like two or more double tracks.
Pitch and Time Editing Tools - -
Allows you to manually adjust the timing, pitch, vibrato and inflection of your signals.
Vibrato Editing - -
You can time strech and compress vibrato without chainging the speed of vibrato
Sibilance Editing - -
Identify and edit the level of sibilance
Stand Alone - 100+ tracks and sessions - -
Revoice Pro is a standalone program that will work with audio files exported from your editor. It also contains Audio Suite, AAX, Audio Unit and VST3 plug-ins to allow audio to be easily transferred from your editor to Revoice. Revoice Pro can align mutiple dub tracks to a master guide track.
Revoice Monitor - -
Allows audio from Revoice Pro to be played through an insert within your editor.
Maximum duration of alignment Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
VocAlign and Revoice Pro's more advanced alignment algorithm allows processing of longer signals.
Voice and Instruments

All products can process the timing of spoken voice, vocals and instruments.

Revoice Pro can also process the pitch of single-pitched signals.

Number of Activations Per License 2 2 2
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