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DAW / Editor Integration

PLEASE NOTE: VocAlign Project 3 has been discontinued and replaced by VocAlign Project 5

Final Cut Pro does not support any of our plug-in versions and does not work as a plug-in with VocALign Project 3. Our plug-ins might appear, but they do not work.

However, if Final Cut Pro can export files or audio, it might be possible to import your audio files into the Stand-alone version of VocALign Project 3,  do the processing you require, and then export the processed audio and import it or "drag and drop" it back into Final Cut Pro.

CLICK HERE for links to the stand-alone version and User Manual, which can help you try out the above procedure.

If you find this works successfully, please let us know by writing to support@synchroarts.com

Need More Functionality?

If you also want to automatically align, manually adjust tuning or create double tracks - take a look at Revoice Pro


Click here for support information

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