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Latest Version

If you already have a valid licence, you can download and run the latest version of VocAlign Ultra for Apple macOS by clicking the button below.

VocAlign Ultra for Apple macOS - Download

Logic Pro 10.7.4 and earlier does not support ARA plug-ins when running natively on Apple Silicon. To use plug-ins in ARA mode you need to run Logic in Rosetta mode.

VocAlign Ultra ARA support is now available in Cubase 10.5.30 and Cubase 11.0.10

If you are using an earlier verison of Cubase you can use the plug-in in real time mode.

If you want to use VocAlign Ultra or Pro ARA in Logic you will need to be running 10.5.1 or later.

ARA will not work correctly with earlier verisons of Logic Pro X.

You can use this plug-in as a real time AU plug-in with earlier verisons of Logic Pro X.

Installation of VocAlign Ultra or Pro (ARA) on Logic Pro 10.5.1 to Logic 10.6

After you have installed or upgraded Ultra or Pro Pro AU, you will need to perform additional steps in Logic Pro to use VocAlign Ultra or Pro AU (ARA) in your projects. The steps are these:

  1. Run Logic Pro X.
  2. In Logic Pro X, open any project or create an empty project.
  3. In Logic, add VocAlign Ultra or Pro AU as an insert to any track in the project.
  4. Quit Logic Pro X without saving.
  5. Rerun Logic Pro X. VocAlign Ultra or Pro (ARA) should appear in Logic’s Plug-in Manager under Synchro Arts.

Please see the manual for more details about using ARA in Logic Pro X.

If you are using Logic Pro 10.6.1 or later you will not need these steps.