Educational Terms and Conditions

Students, Educators and Educational Institutions

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Purchase Synchro Arts Products at A 50% Discount

Synchro Arts are pleased to provide qualifying Students, Educators and Institutions with an Educational Discount Voucher to use in our on-line store to purchase our products and upgrades at half-price. 



    1. The Vouchers and Educational Licenses are intended for the sole use of the qualifying person for educational and NOT commercial purposes.
    2. Educational Discount Vouchers and Licenses are NOT to be used by, transferred to or sold to anyone else.
    3. Educational Discounts cannot be combined with or applied to any other Synchro Arts discount or sale pricing. 
    4. For Students and Educators, there is a limit of one order per customer.
    5. Licenses must be deposited in the eligible Voucher-holder's ilok.com account.
    6. The provision of an Educational Discount is solely at the discretion of Synchro Arts whose decision is final.
    7. If you receive an Educational Discount Voucher and it expires before you use it, you must submit a new request with all the Required Information listed below.
    8. Synchro Arts reserves the right to deactivate any License purchased using an Education Discount Voucher that is not being used by the qualifying person or is not being used for Educational purposes.

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