RePitch and VocAlign Ultra Bundle


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Natural Tuning & Advanced Alignment Plug-ins

RePitch 1
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Thanks to our new SynchroLink technology, tuning or timing changes made in RePitch can be instantly transferred to all your stacked vocals via a connection to VocAlign Ultra, so you can make edits in RePitch that update your whole vocal stack, saving hours of manual work. RePitch and VocAlign Ultra together are a perfect combination!

The ultimate vocal editing experience

Over the past 25 years, VocAlign has become the industry standard plug-in for anyone working with stacked vocals, enabling a guide track to be used as a reference to conform the timing and with VocAlign Ultra the tuning, of all your other vocal layers.

With the release of RePitch, our new SynchroLink technology makes it possible to connect RePitch and VocAlign Ultra. Any tuning or timing edits you make to a lead vocal, loaded into RePitch, will instantly update any double tracks you have loaded in VocAlign Ultra.

This is a huge time saver as you can now instantly audition how a pitch change or timing adjustment will sound when applied across your vocal stack. If you want to revert back or try something else then it's just a couple of mouse clicks, giving you complete creative freedom and flexibility.

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