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The Ultimate Vocal Editing Software

Get professional-grade vocal alignment, precise pitch correction, and the ability to create natural-sounding vocal doubles in seconds. Produce vocals 100 times faster with Revoice Pro 5, the best vocal editing software to professionally align, tune, and double vocals.

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Everything you need to produce pro vocals

Pitch correction and vocal tuning like no other

The most transparent, advanced pitch correction software out there. Our cutting-edge Shaper Tool allows for meticulous vocal tuning, while the innovative SmartPitch feature automatically matches your doubles and harmonies, and intuitively knows when to adjust or maintain your vocals.

Tighten vocal stacks with time alignment

Streamline your workflow with Revoice's advanced vocal alignment technology, SmartAlign. SmartAlign saves hours in the studio with its powerful alignment processing technology that produces tight, professional-sounding vocal stacks. With Revoice Pro, you get complete control over the alignment strength with custom parameters to suit every vocal production need.

Vocal doubler for huge vocals

Easily create authentic vocal doubles with our state-of-the-art feature. Missed capturing a vocal double in the studio? No problem. Revoice's vocal doubler tool instantly generates natural-sounding doubles, giving you full control to craft the perfect, thick vocal stack.

Superior vocal processing in every feature

Enhanced Pitch / Time / Level Editing

Advanced pitch correction tools for precise, professionally-tuned vocals fast

Shaper Tool

Shape Points on your pitch or level curve to get ultimate control over your pitch correction - and now are automatically added!


SmartPitch intelligently understands when to match the pitch of your vocal performances, and crucially when not to


SmartAlign decides which section of the guide track your dubs should be aligned with - no pre-editing needed!

Automatic Matching

Automatically transfer pitch, timing, vibrato and volume inflections from one audio track to another

Vibrato Editing

Augment or diminish the length and speed of the vibrato naturally without affecting other vocals

Process Groups

Allow multiple processes to be grouped together so all parameters can be adjusted via a single panel


Level display for pitched and unpitched notes that allows you to control sibilance for a clean vocal mix

Formant Shifting

Shift the formants of your performance to change its timbre without affecting the pitch

Hearing is believing

Experience the power of Revoice Pro on your vocal tracks. With our advanced pitch correction, vocal alignment, and vocal doubling, the difference is clear. Listen for yourself and hear how Revoice Pro elevates your vocals with its precise and effective processing. Trust your ears and discover the Revoice Pro impact across vocals, dialogue and instruments alike.

Lightning fast workflow that doesn't slow you down

  • Link Plugins - For both ARA and non-ARA compatible DAWs, you can use Revoice's Link Plugins to initiate the capture of audio in your DAW and transfer automatically to Revoice, and back to your DAW again!

  • Quick Plugins - Pro Tools-only feature! Quick Match and Quick Doubler plugins with processing presets allows you to get the power of Revoice's match processing and natural-sounding doubler without leaving your DAW

  • ARA2-compatible - DAWs that are ARA-enabled allow for instant transfer of audio between the main Revoice Pro application and your DAW, supercharging your workflow

Trusted & loved by industry professionals

Take your vocals to the next level

The complete solution for your vocals or dialogue - packed with a suite of advanced vocal editing tools for professional vocal alignment, pitch correction and natural-sounding vocal doubles in seconds.

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Are you a VocAlign or RePitch owner?

As a valued customer, unlock an exclusive discount on Revoice Pro 5. Seamlessly upgrade from VocAlign Project 5, VocAlign Ultra, or RePitch Standard. Keep your existing license and elevate your audio with Revoice Pro's advanced tuning, alignment, and doubling capabilities—all in one powerful tool.

Frequently asked questions

What's new with Revoice Pro 5?
Revoice Pro 5 is jam-packed with the latest pitch editing technology with advanced pitch correction tools - including the Shaper Tool and Control Points - enabling you to have precise, professionally-tuned vocals fast.

Completely new to Revoice is time-saving feature SmartPitch which intelligently understands when to match your doubles and harmonies, and when to maintain them. A game-changing feature if you work with lots of doubles and harmonies!

We've also made significant improvements to the way Revoice connects to your DAW. We've updated the non-ARA link plugin so you can audition how your processed audio will sound in context with any FX, panning and level applied and automatic transfer of processed audio that gets 'committed' to your project without the need for import / export. For VST users (Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, etc.), we've made the UI more intuitive with the ability to initiate processing in Revoice Pro from the Link plugin whilst sending audio across to Revoice Pro, saving time in the editing process.
What's the difference between Revoice Pro, VocAlign and RePitch?
Revoice Pro encompasses all of our technology - including VocAlign and RePitch - into one tool. With Revoice, you can apply pitch correction, match the timing and create natural-sounding doubles, amongst other processing features such as sibilance editing and formant shifting. VocAlign and RePitch are plugins which work inside your DAW - whilst Revoice is a standalone program.

VocAlign is the industry standard for time alignment in the music and TV / film industries - removing the need to manually align vocals or dialogue by automatically matching the time of one signal to another (or more!).

Our new natural pitch correction plugin, RePitch, has disrupted the vocal pitch correction market with its innovative feature the Shaper Tool, the precise way to tune vocals.

Revoice boasts all of the technology into one program, allowing you to tune, align and double all-in-one.

For a more detailed comparison, check out our compare page.
I own Revoice Pro 4 and want to upgrade to Revoice Pro 5 - do I get to keep my old license as well?
When you upgrade, you will surrender your existing license for Revoice Pro 4 and you will receive a group license that will let you use Revoice Pro 4 and Revoice Pro 5 on up to two computers at the same time. For more detailed information, please see this FAQ article.
I'm a VocAlign and/or RePitch owner, do I get a special discount to cross-grade?
Please visit our store to see what upgrade paths are available; if you need to upgrade a different product, please contact our Sales Team at sales@synchroarts.com.
Will my previous rentals of Revoice Pro 4 count towards the total for Revoice Pro 5?
Yes, any previous purchases of 'Revoice Pro 4 - 3 Months Rental - receive a full license on 4th Rental' will count towards your total for Revoice Pro 5.
I'd like to check out the Revoice Pro 5 manual, where can I find it?
The Revoice Pro 5 User Guide is available in the Downloads page.
On how many computers can I use Revoice Pro 5 on at the same time?
You can activate your Revoice Pro 5 license in up to two locations at the same time. For more detailed information, please see this FAQ article.


Apple macOS

  • macOS 10.10 or higher
  • Audio File Format: As supported by host editor
  • Works with all Pro Tools hardware
  • iLok 2, iLok 3 USB Key, Machine or iLok Cloud
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Compatible DAWs include

  • Pro Tools 2023.9 to 2024.3.0
  • Logic Pro X 10.7.3 to 10.8.1
  • Ableton Live 11.3.13
  • Studio One Professional to
  • Cubase Pro 13.0.20
  • Reaper 7.08
  • Nuendo 13.0.20
  • Digital Performer 11.3

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 10 or later
  • Audio File Format: As supported by host editor
  • Works with all Pro Tools hardware
  • iLok 2, iLok 3 USB Key, Machine or iLok Cloud
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Compatible DAWs include

  • Pro Tools 2023.6 to 2023.12.0
  • Ableton Live 11.1.6 to 11.3.13
  • Studio One Professional to
  • Cubase Pro 13.0.21
  • Reaper 6.81 to 7.08

Our products are only supported for DAW and Operating System versions that are supported by the DAWs manufacturer. If you have questions, please contact our support.