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APT Process Demos

Do you have any great examples of what you have done with the APT process that you'd like to feature here? Click here to let us know.

Use the demo players below to hear some amazing examples of what Revoice Pro's unique APT Process can do and watch some videos.


Tighten Vocals

Written by Bart Migel, Amanda Droste, Craig Wilson. Performed by Brett Loewenstern. Produced by David Browning

Eight vocals (doubles and harmonies) are tightened enough to make them sound rich and clear but still sounding natural. Stunning results in just a few minutes instead of hours.

Tighten Rap

From the upcoming release "I Am Unafraid". Jay Banks Productions 2012. www.iamunafraid.com

"Absolutely amazing!!! Talk about tightening up the phrasing... it's fantastic! When I set it on default (2%) it was almost too tight. I eased it off a bit, and the inflections were still there, a bit of natural flam, etc. Brilliant!!!"

Tighten Instruments

Samples kindly provided by Talented Studios Los Angeles, CA, Mike Parlett, producer

"Using Revoice Pro is an invaluable and time saving tool for tightening any vocal or instrumental ensemble work. I am amazed by the ease of use and incredible flexibility of the software. A must for any producer working with vocal or instrumental sections."

Lip Sync Dialog

Clips courtesy of Erik Lundmark, Property of DigiDreams-Studios Germany

Robin Hood - Ghosts of Sherwood 3D

The Guide track is from a German actor and is very noisy and very low level. The Dub is from an American actor. Notice that APT not only transfers the timing from Guide to Dub, but also the Guide's pitch and intonation.


Samples above are the property of the producers and/or artists, writers or publishers involved and cannot be used without prior written permission.