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Doubler Process Demos

Do you have any great examples of what you have done with the Doubler process that you'd like to feature here? Click here to let us know.

Use the demo players below to hear some amazing examples of what Revoice Pro's Doubler Process can do.



Double Vocals

Sample thanks to GHL Audio and friends.

Revoice Pro's mono Doubler gives this lead vocal a realistic double track.

Double Raps

From "I Am Unafraid". Jay Banks Productions 2012. www.iamunafraid.com

The voice recording is put through Revoice Pro's mono Doubler to give it more body.

Double Dialog or Voiceover

A female voiceover is put through Revoice Pro's stereo Doubler and mixed with the input to build up the effect of multiple recordings.

In second example, same is done with a male voiceover.

Video demos and tutorials

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Samples above are the property of the producers and/or artists, writers or publishers involved and cannot be used without prior written permission.