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Doubler Process

Revoice Pro 4 Doubler - mono out
Revoice Pro 4 Doubler - stereo out
The Doubler instantly creates natural-sounding mono and stereo double tracks - for voice and instruments
Applications for Doubler
  • Creating realistic double tracks from vocal or instrument recording when no double track is available.
  • Create a wide range of special modulation effects

User Comments

"I often use the doubler on vocals and even on instruments, like electric guitars. You can get some pretty cool effects with it"

Ryan Nasci- Producer/Engineer: Tony Maserati, Jon Castelli, Isa “Machine” Summers, Tyler Johnson

"The automatic doubling process is saving me half a day per song!!"

Michael Hagel- Composer, Producer: Roger Whittaker, Vicky Leandros

"Doubling is the secret weapon for the modern pop and hip hop vocal sound, and Revoice Pro crushes in that area."

Howie Miura- Producer

Process Details

  • Inputs can be mono or stereo signals.
  • Doubler automatically creates natural-sounding mono or stereo double tracks in seconds.
  • Provides controls for modifying timing variations, formants, and vibrato.
  • Supports extreme parameter variations to create special effects.
  • Comprehensive user Preset system

Revoice Pro 4 Doubler - mono out