Revoice Pro 4

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The Warp function menu now includes the option to 'Detect Scale'. When applied, Revoice Pro 4 will analyse the selected audio, determine the musical scale and only notes from that scale will appear on the left-hand side when editing.

APT Music & Dialog Modes

APT Music mode can now respond intelligently to musical details and keep desirable musical differences between tracks intact resulting in a sweeter and more musically appropriate end result.

Other additions within APT music mode include

  • Note segmentation
  • Better Pitch Editing tools in APT output (You can now time align to a guide and pitch correct to a scale)

APT Dialog mode retains the characteristic tight & accurate sound required for rock-solid ADR sync in post-production that Revoice Pro is famously known for.

Revoice Pro 4 APT

APT General Changes

Beyond the addition of music and dialog modes there have been further important functional and visual improvements to APT.

  • Improved energy displays
  • Guide and Dub pitch traces can be compared
  • Easier control over information displays
  • Pitch protected areas now have pitch cross fades at the ends

Vibrato Editing

Natural sounding vibrato is one of the treasures of the human voice. In the past any time-based manipulation of vibrato within vocal production software resulted in the speed of vibrato changing along with the duration.

With Revoice Pro 4, vibrato can now be time stretched or compressed naturally and without affecting the speed therefore maintaining the singers original tonal characteristics - a first within any vocal production software!


  • You can now adjust the part of note used to calculate the average pitch
  • You can now slip the start and end of notes
  • Preset for Bass instruments
  • Streamlined Warp editing tools and context menu


Formants are the harmonic frequencies which are present in the human voice. With Revoice Pro 4.2 it's now possible to shift the formants of a performance to change its timbre or colour without affecting the pitch or timing.


Audio Random Access (ARA) is a revolutionary new audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between a plug-in and the host DAW. For Revoice Pro users with compatible host DAWs this means an exponentially faster workflow with no capturing or spotting process of audio required - just update a process within revoice pro and see and hear the updates instantly within your DAW.

  • ARA2 integration is now available with Studio One 4, Reaper, Cubase Pro 10, Nuendo and Cakewalk

Track Management

ARA plug-ins will automatically create and name tracks in Revoice Pro.

Processes will create output tracks.

Process Groups

When creating the APT processes you can create a Process Group. This allows you to quickly change the settings and hear the output of multiple APT processes.

iLok Cloud

No USB dongle required

Revoice Pro 4 users now have the freedom to ‘ditch the dongle’ and take advantage of the flexible new cloud based licensing from iLok. This means Revoice Pro users at home, in the studio or on the move can choose to use their software anywhere with an internet connection.

Read more about iLok Cloud Support What is iLok Cloud?

ILok Cloud

General Changes

  • You can set the audio processing resolution between 32 bit float or 64 bit double
  • Show in Finder - will open the Finder or Explorer to show the audio file
  • New MIDI code used to read tempo files
  • You can set the output audio file format
  • PACE 5.1
  • Quick Start guide now built in
  • Shortcut keys to:
    • Create warp (W - when audio is selected)
    • Select and correct all notes (Alt + W when pitch is selected)
    • Smooth join between all notes (Shift + Alt + W when pitch is selected)
    • Correct selected notes (W when pitch is selected)
  • Short Cut keys for Vertical scaling and scrolling

Important Changes

  • Minimum system requirements have changed System Requirements
  • Sessions saved by Revoice Pro 4 cannot be opened in Revoice Pro 3

Upgrade Policy

If you purchased Revoice Pro 3 on or after 12 March 2018 you may qualify for a free upgrade. Check if you qualify here