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The Worlds #1 Vocal Alignment Plugin

$149 *

The industry standard plugin for aligning audio, VocAlign™ Project 5 takes two separate vocal performances and effortlessly aligns their timing in seconds. Don't waste your time manually tightening vocals, VocAlign™ saves hours of tedious editing so you can focus on what's important, being creative and hitting deadlines.

Get Tight Vocals Fast

Whatever the musical genre, VocAlign™ is the must-have plugin for working with stacked vocals, bringing your performances together so they sound clean and focused. Also if you’re working in audio post production VocAlign™ is an essential tool for ADR, enabling dialogue to be instantly replaced.

Using VocAlign™ with your DAW is simple. Just capture a 'Guide' signal with the right timing, capture a 'Dub' signal to be aligned to the guide, VocAlign™ performs the alignment and a new aligned Dub is generated and returned to your DAW.

VocAlign™ Project 5 Main Features

  • Instantly Match Timing of Two or More Signals
  • Great for Vocals, Instruments and Sound Effects
  • Includes our Revoice Pro Alignment Algorithm
  • NEW! Tightness Control
  • NEW! SmartAlign Intelligent Processing
  • NEW! Align Mulitple Tracks (ARA2 Hosts Only)
  • NEW! Alignment Presets
  • NEW! Enhanced Waveform Display
  • NEW! Two activations included with each license
  • NEW! All iLok Copy Protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed)
  • Full ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support for enhanced workflow with compatible DAWs

Find out more about the VocAlign™ Project 5 features here

"Do you want perfectly aligned vocals? Then get VocAlign™! It's that simple." - musicradar.com

Listen to VocAlign™ Project Sound Examples