The Grammy's 2024: Exclusive Interview with 'Best Engineered Album' Winner

We are overjoyed to congratulate more than 30 incredibly talented Grammy nominees who are part of our Synchro Arts family.

These artists have not only showcased exceptional talent but have also utilized Synchro Arts' industry-standard technologies such as VocAlign, RePitch, and Revoice to shape their Grammy-worthy work.

The list of these distinguished nominees includes:

  • Blake Mills
  • Bobby Mota
  • Chris Kasych
  • Cody Fayne
  • Dan Nigro
  • Dan Viafore
  • Deputy (Jamil Pierre)
  • Dernst Emile II
  • Drew Erickson
  • Geoff Swan
  • Jayda Love
  • Jeff Gitelman
  • John Kercy
  • Kaleb Rollins
  • Kaushlesh "Garry" Purohit
  • Kid Harpoon
  • Laura Sisk
  • Macks Faulkron
  • Marc Whitmore
  • Michael Harris
  • Mikey Freedom Hart
  • Mitch McCarthy
  • Nate "Rocket" Wonder
  • Nick Cooper
  • Owen Lantz
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Patrizio "Teezio" Pigliapoco
  • Pete Nappi
  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Rob Bisel
  • Stacy Jones
  • Tenroc (Jason A Cornet)
  • Todd Robinson
  • Yáng Tan

Each of these artists has embraced Synchro Arts' tools to enhance their creative process, resulting in music that resonates globally. Their achievements exemplify the harmony between cutting-edge technology and artistic innovation.

Best Engineered Album Winner, Todd Robinson (Victoria Monét)

We sat down with now Grammy-winner Todd Robinson, engineer for Victoria Monét's debut album Jaguar II, to find out his engineering secrets that led to 2 nominations and 1 Grammy award. If you want to work with Todd, be sure to find him on his website and follow him on Instagram here.

3-Time Grammy Nominee, Owen Lantz (Boygenius)

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we're reminded of the pivotal role technology plays in elevating artistic expression. Synchro Arts remains committed to empowering artists and producers, offering them tools that not only meet but exceed the demands of the ever-evolving music industry.

To each of our Grammy-nominated artists: your dedication, talent, and success inspire us daily.

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Our first product VocAlign was released in 1995 and is now the world’s number one audio alignment plugin. Then came Revoice Pro, our complete vocal toolbox which we launched in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim.


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