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Aligning Rap Vocals With VocAlign Project 5

For many years, VocAlign has been the industry standard for music producers and mix engineers who want to save time getting super-tight Rap vocals. Now with our new SmartAlign technology, that workflow is even faster and the results are better than ever,

In this tutorial, producer Marcus Husykens takes us through tightening Rap vocals in a Pro Tools session using VocAlign Project 5. In the project we have a lead, two doubles, some stress words and a few ad-lib tracks. Marcus shows how VocAlign’s improved alignment technology and SmartAlign combine to save you even more studio time, potentially saving hours of manual editing. 

While this tutorial features VocAlign Project 5 and Pro Tools, the workflow is very similar in other DAWS. In fact if you have an ARA compatible DAW like Logic Pro or Studio One, it's even faster!


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