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Bouncing Your Aligned Audio in Logic Pro

This video runs through 3 ways to use the 'Bounce In Place' function in Logic Pro 10.5.1 or later to render your newly aligned audio created by VocAlign Ultra.

We would always recommend using 'Bounce In Place' to ensure you don't lose any changes in the future when reloading your project.

The 3 sections of this video are;

1) Bouncing your aligned audio to a new track and hiding the original audio
2) Bouncing to a new track and combining the aligned audio with the original in a 'Take Folder' for comping
3) If you have other effects in the chain after VocAlign Ultra, muting those effects, bouncing to a new track and then moving the effects across

We have a free 14-day trial version of VocAlign Ultra so give it a try today. 


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