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Craft Natural Doubles & Harmonies Fast with Revoice Pro 4

Transposing pitch natively in your DAW can sometimes lead to artificially-sounding vocals with unwanted audio artifacts. When creating doubles or harmonies, Revoice Pro 4 gives you the creative freedom to make note-by-note adjustments whilst retaining the natural characteristics of the vocal performance. An absolute must for producers and engineers!

In this video by Production Expert, Eli Krantzberg walks us through how to create natural doubles and harmonies using Revoice Pro 4. Firstly to add depth, a new double is created, based on the original lead vocal. Next, using the Warp Process in Revoice, Eli demonstrates how to create a harmony that is a third above. Using the scale display mode, you can easily see where the pitch could be (within the key) when transposing.

Have you tried Revoice Pro 4 yet? We offer a 14-day trial which you can download below.


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