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Cubase Pro 10 & Revoice Pro 4.1 - Getting Started using ARA2

Watch our new video to see the seamless integration between Cubase Pro 10 or Nuendo and Revoice Pro 4.1 thanks to ARA2 , the revolutionary audio plug-in extension that enables unprecedented instant communication between ARA-enabled plug-ins and DAWs.

Instant time and pitch adjustment of your vocals & instruments has never been easier!

Presented by Mixing Engineer Oleg Yershov, this video will show you;

  1. How to use ARA2 plug-ins to transfer audio from Cubase Pro 10 to Revoice Pro 4.1
  2. How to quickly modify and align the time and pitch of your Cubase tracks in Revoice Pro 
  3. How ARA2 automatically returns the audio processed in Revoice Pro to Cubase Pro
  4. How to use the new Process Groups controls for auditioning and controlling multiple processed outputs

NOTE: This procedure will also work in the same with with Nuendo with ARA2

Download the Cubase project used in the Beginners' Guide Video

Try a free 14 day demo of Revoice Pro 4.1 here

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