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Getting Started With VocAlign Ultra in Cubase

In this video, we learn how to quickly align the timing and pitch of your vocals in seconds using VocAlign Ultra with Cubase Pro or Artist by following these steps;

  1. Adding the VocAlign Plugin in Cubase Pro 
  2. Transfer your guide and multiple dub vocals from Cubase Pro into VocAlign Ultra using ARA2
  3. Working with vocals inside the VocAlign Plugin 

Please note

  • This video was created using Cubase Pro 11.0.10, but the same workflow applies to the equivalent versions of Cubase Artist and Nuendo
  • A forthcoming update to Cubase 10.5 will also support VocAlign Ultra ARA2
  • You can use the non-ARA2 version of VocAlign Ultra in previous versions of Cubase, please refer to the manual for details.

We have a free 14-day trial version of VocAlign Ultra so give it a try today. 


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