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Using Revoice Pro To ADR The Lost Voice Of An Actress

This video is a lecture that Jose Luis Díaz gave at CAPER 2014 where he speaks about the ADR in “To Fool a Thief” and “Wild Tales”.

In his first example, Jose describes how he uses Revoice Pro to copy the pitch curve of an original take and apply it to the reference audio, so that the background noise disappears but the accent and intonation is mimicked and maintained.

In his second example, Jose describes how he uses Revoice Pro on an actress who lost her voice while delivering her lines on-set. Some parts are not recorded well, others are missing and the sequence was way off sync. When she finally got her voice back, he had to ADR everything and Revoice Pro made it sync perfectly whilst making the scene look completely natural and to the Director’s liking.

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